What is domain Authority and Why is it important in SEO?

Oct 09, 2021

What is domain Authority and Why is it important in SEO?

If you are into SEO or content marketing, you may have read about domain authority somewhere.

However, for those stepping into the unfathomable sea of SEO, domain authority is the best thing to start with.

Discussing domain authority may be the most enjoyable thing for webmasters but those unfamiliar with SEO may find it nothing less than gibberish.

It is certainly neither as trivial as your chit-chat topic nor as complex as rocket science.

If you are aspiring to be a webmaster or a blogger, stick to this article to get a handful of insights about your website ranking.

Let’s marvel at this fascinating fact that your blog is actually your identity on the internet.

 People reading your content do not personally know you, yet they love your website and resonate with your content.

Have you ever thought about how merrily the internet dissolves your physical identity and morphs a virtual persona out of it?

Anyhow, your virtual existence depends upon your presence on the internet.

Just as your physical personality is gauged through some factors like character, physical features, etc., your virtual existence is measured through factors like the domain authority.

This shows the importance of domain authority for your website/blog.

What does Domain Authority actually mean?

Domain authority is a factor developed by an SEO tools provider Moz to indicate and measure the website ranking.

 In other words, it is a metric that determines the prospect of your website appearing on search engine result pages.

You can say, a high domain authority means upper ranking and more searches, and a low domain authority means low ranking and lesser searches.

What is the domain authority score?

A DA score is a scale for measuring your domain authority. In other words, your current website domain authority score is a number in the range of 1 to 100.

 A higher score indicates more chances of a high ranking and a lower score indicates a low ranking.

You can understand it with this analogy. Your website worth is measured in DA score just like your height is measured in meters or feet.

What is low or high DA?

In absolute terms, your website’s domain authority is not specifically low or high, rather it is relative to your competitors'.

If your competitor’s DA is greater than yours, then you can estimate that your website may rank lower, and thus has low domain authority.

Therefore, you must check domain authority as a comparative analysis rather than in oblivion.

How to find Domain Authority?

You can use a domain authority checker to calculate the DA score of any website on the internet.

I have given the DA score of some high-ranking websites below.


You might be thinking about why these websites have presumably higher domain authority than their competitors?

It’s because a domain authority score of a website depends upon the number of linking domains and backlinks of a website. These SEO factors combining form a domain authority score.

Why does your website’s domain authority keeps changing?

Domain authority is not a concrete concept and it never remains the same. Moreover, you cannot precisely predict how much your DA score will increase with better SEO.

People often confuse themselves by improving their website’s SEO and not seeing tangible results. It happens because you are evaluating your domain authority in a competitive environment.

The reason behind this is, while you optimize your website, your competitor also adopts best SEO practices and takes a lead in SEO.

Therefore, you have to work more efficiently to increase your DA score against your competitor.

Is domain authority is not important for SEO?

Most of the credible blogs and websites advocate that domain authority is not a ranking factor for Google, hence it is unimportant.

They take the statement of Moz that domain authority is not a Google ranking factor.

 But they turn their face from the facts about Google ranking factors.

Research shows that linking to high authority sites has a positive effect on your ranking.

That’s what domain authority is all about; it contains the linking domains and backlinks.

Therefore, Domain authority is an important way to gauge and understand the ranking and is to some extent a useful factor to know a website ranking.

 Wrapping up:

Domain authority is one single concept that has been a topic of debate for a long time. It is Moz’s way of interpreting Google ranking. It is definitely important because it predicts your website’s position in google searches.

Domain authority score is calculated by checking the number of external and backlinks.

Webmasters have divulged different ranking factors over time and they say, backlinks and external links are very important in ranking. 

This is the reason why domain authority is important for SEO.

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