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To use this Sitemap Generator, Paste your website URL in the input box given below and click on Generate Sitemap Button.

XML Sitemap Generator

Our online sitemap generator helps you create an XML sitemap of any URL to inform search engines about all the pages of your site.

This sitemap XML generator also ensures that all of your web pages are correctly indexed in Google.

How to create a sitemap?

To create a sitemap by using a free sitemap generator, follow the below steps:

  1. Paste your website URL in the above input box
  2. Click the Generate Sitemap button

The sitemap builder will instantly generate a sitemap of the input website and gives an option to download the result report in XML format.

After creating and submitting a sitemap for your website using Google sitemap generator, you can perform a quick indexing test of your website by using our Google index checker.

The index-checking tool helps you to check whether your website or webpages are indexed on Google or not.

What is an XML Sitemap?

XML stands for the Extensible Markup Language, and the XML sitemap lists all the pages of your website in a structured manner.

The sitemap created by the site map generator allows users to add other additional information about each URL in search engines. 

Why are XML Sitemaps Important?

The sitemap created by using our free sitemap generator online works as a roadmap of your site that leads different search engines to your web pages.

XML sitemaps are essential if:

  • A website doesn't contain any internal links
  • Pages of a site are created dynamically
  • A website has a lot of archived content 

In addition, sitemaps are essential for SEO purposes because they allow search engines like Google and Bing to find the website's main pages even it has a poor internal linking structure.

XML Sitemap generator for bloggers allows bloggers to create site map for their WordPress or any other CMS-based websites for free.

Features of Our Online Sitemap Generator 


The sitemap generator in the market requires you to learn some coding skills to create an XML sitemap. 
This tool is different from theirs, and there is no need to learn any coding knowledge to generate a sitemap.

Copy and Download Results

Our sitemap creator allows you to copy the sitemap of your website in real time.
It further provides an option to download the sitemap in XML format.

Free and Secure

Our sitemap maker is entirely secure and free to use for everyone. There is no need to complete any signup or registration process to create sitemaps for your website using our free XML sitemap generator.

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