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To use Spam score checker, Paste upto 05 URLs in the input box given below and click on Check Spam button.

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Spam Score Checker

A spam score checker is a tool designed to check spam score of a website. This tool helps in determining the spam score of multiple sites.

You can check spam score of 05 websites at the same time using this bulk spam score checker tool. You need to paste the URL of the websites you want to check.

Add every single URL in the new line and this tool will show the spam score of the websites you pasted.
The spam checker by also checks:

  • Spam Score
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority

It will show the number of websites you’ve added to the input box. This website spam score checker will exclude the same URLs and same domains to prevent repetition.
After getting the spam score, you can remove spammy links with the help of the Google disavow tool as it is very efficient and useful.

How to use this free spam score checker?

You can check website spam score by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Copy and paste the URL in the input box.
  2. For multiple URLs, paste every link in the new line.
  3. You can exclude the same URLs or same Domains.
  4. Click on the “Check Spam” button for getting the results.
  5. You can download the results in an Excel file.

Features of this spam checker tool

Some of the features are listed down that can help you choose this tool.

Free of cost

You can check Spam score, domain authority, and Page authority without spending any cost. Apart from these, you can also check Moz other metrics like DA, PA, and MOZ Rank using our DA PA Checker.

Multiple websites

Using this domain spam score checker, you can check all the above factors of more than one website at the same time.
You can check a maximum of 05 URLs at a time by adding every URL in the new line.

Download excel report

After generating the results, you can download the results in the excel file. You need to simply click on “Download Excel Report”, the results will start downloading.

No sign up required

There is no need of adding an email address or any other details for signup purposes. This tool is completely free and no sign-up is required.

Who can use this spam score checker?

A spam score checker can be used for many purposes and some periodic users are listed down.


Webmasters use this backlink spam checker to check domain spam score and backlinks spam score.


Bloggers have to check the spam score of websites before taking a backlink from those sites. They can also determine the quality of their backlinks by using this tool.

SEO executives

Being an SEO executive it’s essential to keep an eye on the quality of your websites. By Checking the spam score you can find out the spam score of your domain and the quality of the backlinks.


Many times content writers have a need to check the spam score of the website just to ensure the quality of the website and its content. So they can contribute their article to authoritative sites.

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