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Domain Authority Checker

Undoubtedly, it is a very tough task to understand the Google algorithm that takes part in SEO ranking.
However, for the user's understanding, our dapachecker's team developed this bulk DA PA checker tool using Moz premium APIs to keep a check on your website's domain and page authority.
This bulk da pa checker allows you to check the DA PA of your website with a single click. It gives the domain authority and all other Moz metrics in no time.
At a single click, you will get the outcomes that make it easier to compare your website's authority score to any other competitive site for free.

How to Check Domain Authority of a Website For Free?

Checking DA PA of a website by using our domain authority checker is pretty easy. Simply put URLs into the input field and click ‘’check authority’’ button. That's it

Our tool offers a bulk DA checker, which makes it unique. You can check up to 10 URLs for free at once.

Besides the Da Pa, You can also check your website's domain age and spam score using our other tools like domain age checker and spam score checker.

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority?

According to the Moz:

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

The Domain Authority ranges from 1 to 100, and it is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including a link's root domain and the total number of links.

In the meantime, Page Authority (PA) is also a scoring scale, but it differs in a way that it only signifies a page score (webpage) of a website.

For evaluating the domain authority, a score above 60 is considered decent. A higher domain authority score means the website has a higher chance of getting a better rank in SERP; the same goes for page authority.

Putting it in simpler terms, when your website or its web page holds a high domain authority score or page authority score, your website might be spotted in higher rankings on search engines. But keep in mind it's not a Google ranking factor.

More or less, page authority and domain authority are parallel to each other with the only difference being that the DA score represents the whole website performance and the page authority represents the performance of a particular page of the website.

Our da pa checker tool scans the URLs of websites and evaluates both domain authority as well as page authority. It checks da pa in bulk with 100% accuracy.

Key Features of our Bulk DA PA Checker

Our website da checker is the best tool available online for digital marketers, webmasters, and SEO professionals to evaluate domain and page authority in bulk.

The following features make this an exceptional tool:

  • Simple in use

Our Moz da checker tool is quite an essay to use. Just copy/paste or upload URLs in the input box and click the check authority button to get the result quickly.

  • Accurate outcomes

Using Moz premium API, our dapa checker will provide authentic page authority and domain authority results that make it trustworthy.

  • Free unlimited usage

This feature is the most exciting one for all marketers and webmasters because no one wants to spend plenty of dollars on paid tools when such a tool is available online.

Our tool is offering its services entirely free of cost thus, you can check the da score of an unlimited number of websites without spending a penny.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

The only way to increase your domain authority fast is to get natural and quality backlinks from authority sites.

In this way, it can cause some improvement in domain authority score and increases your website’s ranking in SERPs.

Furthermore, some other aspects that can help to increase the DA score of a site are::

1. Get High Authority Links to your site

Links from high-authority websites still carry enough power to increase the website’s ranking. These links play a key role in improving the domain and page authority of a website.

Besides this, even if you still skip the factor of DA score, you must know that high-authority links are a great thing to have.

If you are going to purchase backlinks from online sources, don’t do that because it can cause a penalty from Google. You can use our backlink generator as it helps you to get a high-authority website effortlessly.

2. Remove Bad Links

While quality links are beneficial for your website, having bad links can harm your site’s DA score and ranking in search engines. Links that are taken from spammy websites can also cause you a penalty from search engines.

To prevent this from happening, you must audit your website for any bad links and remove them as quickly as possible.

3. Get more Traffic-Driving Links

Moz DA score also depends upon whether the links come from the authority sites with organic traffic or not. This is a strong signal of usefulness, and you must know that attracting links can drive more organic traffic to a website.

Therefore, always get links from legitimate websites with organic traffic. This will improve your domain authority and ranking in search engines.

How we Calculate the DA Score?

Our domain authority checker uses the Moz Premium APIs to calculate the DA score of bulk websites at once. 

Moz has been providing up-to-date information on different websites' domain and page authority.

It has been building its metrics for a couple of years and provides multiple intelligent metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score of a site.

We are using the same Moz APIs in our DA checker, which will help you understand a website's value and ranking potential in less time.

Why is domain authority important?

Domain authority is one of the easiest and quickest ways to assess the SEO strength of any site. Websites with high domain authority scores are more likely to rank higher in oranic search results.

It is understood thing that higher DA score websites perform quite better than websites with poor domain authority scores. In this way, there is a direct correlation between high DA scores and their potential to rank a website in SERPs.

Is domain authority legitimate?

Yes, domain authority is completely legitimate and is one of the finest ways to determine how a website is ranking in search engines. It can provide you with some quite worthy insights into your organic traffic.

For example,

If your website’s authority is low as compared with your competitor, then you can analyze your site to figure out which areas need improvement.

What is a good Domain Authority?
Moz’s domain authority score scales from 1-100, where one is the worst and 100 is the best.

There are no such things as a “good” or “bad” domain authority. DA score is a predictor of a website’s ability to rank within its unique competitor’s niche.

You should not choose a target domain authority score blindly. Simply look at the DA score of those websites you are going to compete within the top search results.Then aim for a higher score than that of your competitor. Thus, the DA scores are “bad”, “average”, and “good” within the simple terms of a specific competitive niche. 

In general, we can say that the closer a website’ DA score is to 100, the more chances it has a good domain authority score.

Alternatively, the website with a DA score closer to zero, the more chances of having a bad score. However, scores between 50 and 60 are considered a good domain authority score, and a score above 60 rates the DA as excellent.

You can take help from our DA an PA checker to determine which of your competitors has a good domain authority score.

Does Google use Domain Authority?

No, Google does not use domain authority in its algorithm and never considers it a ranking factor. Moz has come up with very clear thoughts and confirmed that:

Domain authority is not a Google ranking factor and does not affect the search engine result pages (SERPs).

In simple words, domain authority is a score used to check a website's performance. It helps web admins get an idea of whether their SEO strategy is following the best SEO practices.

Does Domain Authority Affect SEO?

Yes, domain authority does affect the SEO of a website. It shows some progress on the SEO strategy and ranking potential of a site in top search results. 

Any website with a higher domain authority score will definitely correlate with higher search engine rankings.

A website in any niche with a DA score of 80 will rank its web pages higher in search results than that of a website with a DA of 60.

Domain authority score helps you track a website's position and authority. However, improving the DA score of a website should be something other than your focus. It would help if you focused on several other SEO metrics of a website to outrank your competitors.

You can also use our pa da checker to check the domain authority in different languages like Indonesia.

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