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Domain Age Checker

Use our domain age checker to find the exact age of a domain. The tool will provide information from when a domain was first registered to its expiration date.

This website age checker also provides an uptime of the domain (how many years, months, days, and hours a particular domain is old), along with its registrar name.

By getting familiar with all this information, you will have a thorough idea of how long a website has been active in a particular market or business. 

How Our Tool Calculate Domain Age?

Our domain age checker tool operates on advanced algorithms that precisely calculate the website age by taking a number of things into consideration:

WHOIS Lookup: WHOIS is the most widely used internet record listing that tells who the owner of a domain is and how you can get in touch with them.

Top-Level-Domain (TDL) Registry:  TDL is everything that comes after the dot (.) in the domain name. For instance, if the site name is “,” then “.com” is its TDL. Our tool considers the TDL registry to determine the input domain's availability. 

Domain Name System (DNS) Lookup: It is a process of converting human-readable website names into machine or computer-readable IP addresses. The Domain IP lookup allows our tool to verify whether the domain is actively in use or not. 

After evaluating all these three things, our domain age calculator then comes up with an accurate age of the given website. 

How to Use Our Free Website Age Checker?

Using our domain age calculator is quite simple. In order to check domain age, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Search for our domain age checker in your browser.
  2. Copy/Paste your URLs into the input box (10 URLs at once)
  3. Hit the “Check Domain Age” button.

After a few seconds, our tool comes up with detailed information about the age of the given website.  

website age checker

Why Use Our Domain Age Checker?

You should use our tool to check domain age for numerous reasons. For instance, it precisely measures the age of the given site, all thanks to its advanced algorithms. 

Apart from this, there are multiple other reasons as well that are discussed in the table below: 

✅ Check the Age of Up to 10 websites at once
🌐 Provide information aboutOverall site age, creation, and expiration time & date, and registrar info 
📋 Usage requirements No signup/registration & No captcha
💸 Pricing Totally free to use

Useful Features of Domain Age Calculator

There are a number of useful features of our website age checker; some of the major ones are discussed below:

Intuitive user-interface:

The tool features a simple-to-understand UI (user interface) so that users don’t have to face any kind of difficulty in checking domain ages with it. Instead, they only need to land on the domain age checker tool’s page, paste the website URLs in the given box, press the “Check Domain Age” button, and then wait for the results. 

Highly quick and accurate:

Our free domain age calculator is highly quick and can provide you with results about site age within seconds. When it comes to accuracy, the tool makes use of advanced algorithms that take multiple things, including WHOIS, TDL registries, DNS, etc, to verify and calculate the age of the given website. 

Option to check the age of multiple websites at once:

Our tool gives users the authority to check the ages of up to 10 domains at once. This feature can be highly beneficial for users or SEO agencies who regularly need to check the ages of bulk domains. 

However, while checking multiple URLs, it is recommended to start each URL from a new Line. If not, then add at least a single blank space between two URLs. Doing this will make it easier for the tool to perform the scanning process.

Detailed output results:

After completing the checking process, the bulk domain age checker will provide detailed information about the entered website URLs. The information will include: 

  • Uptime of the sites (how many years, months, days, and hours the websites are old)
  • Creation date and time of the domains
  • Expiration date and time
  • Company of Registrar

Ability to get domain URLs from raw text:

This feature is something that is not supported by other domain age checkers on the internet. If you provide raw text containing full domain names or URLs at different places, then our website age checker will automatically extract all of them by ignoring all the raw text. 

After extracting, the tool will then provide age details of the extracted URLs or domain names.  

Download Excel report

After providing output results, the site age checker then provides the option to download the result in the form Excel file by clicking on the “Download Excel” button.  

Live chat support

Our free domain age checker also offers a live-support feature that users can use to get in touch with our team if they have any questions or are facing any kind of issues regarding the working of the tool. 

Who Can Use Our Website Age Calculator?

Our website age checker can be used by people from various fields. Some of the major users are discussed below:

1.    SEO Experts:

SEO experts often have to build quality backlinks for their clients or organizations. So they can use our tool to calculate the site's age before getting a backlink from it.

The older the site is, the more it will be considered credible in the eyes of search engines, and getting a link from it will be more likely to be good and powerful.

2.    Marketers or businesses:

We all know that marketers and business organizations always keep a close eye on their competitors' websites so that they can know every bit of detail about them. Most marketers and businesses may also want to know how long their competitors have been in this business.

For this, they can utilize our domain age checker, which will provide them with accurate creation and expiration dates and times of the competitor's website. Besides this, the tool will give an overall age (years, months, days, and hours) of the given domains.   

3.     Normal individuals:

As an individual, when you visit a good website, there is a strong chance that you will wonder when it was created. In this case, you can utilize our free website age checker to determine how old the site is.

Importance of Domain Age for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Domain age is the time when a website is first registered online. It is considered essential for SEO due to a number of reasons that are discussed below: 

  • High-authority: 

Websites with older age are more likely to be viewed as more credible by search engines like Google than newly registered sites. This is so because older domains have more time to work on SEO and other aspects that will be enough to satisfy search engines.

  • Backlink profile: 

We all know the importance of backlinks for Search Engine Optimization. Domains that are older will have a higher number of backlinks as they have enough time to get quality backlinks from other websites on the internet. 

  • Competitive advantage:

An older website or domain will have a competitive advantage in both search results and credibility against the websites that are newly registered. So, if you are working on an older domain, then there is a strong chance that you may experience quick rankings in the SERP. 

Domain Age - A Google Ranking Factor or Not?

Domain age is not a direct Google ranking factor. According to John Mueller - Senior search analyst & search relationship team lead of Google, “domain age doesn’t help when it comes to rankings.” However, John also said that Google does use website age in order to fight against spam. 

This means Google may take a look at the domain age history (how long it has been registered online) to determine whether the website is legitimate or not. 

In simple words, domain age is not a ranking factor directly, but it can still indirectly contribute to search engine optimization (SEO). That’s why you will often see many SEO gurus considering this factor.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use a domain age checker tool?

Using a website age checker is quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to either type or paste the domain name or URL in the input box, hit the “Check domain age” button, and wait for the results.

Does the age of the domain matter?

The domain age is not a search ranking factor, but most SEOs think that it matters as it provides valuable insights. The insights will allow you to determine the ranking potential and credibility of that site. 

Can you check how old a domain is?

Yes, you can determine how old (in terms of years, months, days, and hours) a particular website or domain is by utilizing a domain age checker tool. It will provide you with an accurate age against your entered domain name.

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