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To use Robots.txt Generator, Enter your sitemap URL and disallow directories in the input box given below.


Generate Robots txt


Undoubtedly, Website indexing becomes more appropriate and faster by adding a Robots.txt file to your website.

You can generate Robots.txt file to help search engine crawlers not to crawl a specified page.

All you need is to include the pages you don’t want to index in the robot.txt file, so the search engines ignore the included pages and jump to the others.

We have used the Robot exclusion protocol in order to exclude the added web pages.


How to use this Robots.txt generator?

You can generate robots txt file by following the below steps.

  1. Input the sitemap URL
  2. Add a directory to restrict
  3. Download or copy the robots.txt

Why our robots txt file generator?

Here we will present some features of our robots txt generator.


  • Add unlimited directories

Can you add one directory or two that you want to exclude? No, you can add unlimited directories and exclude them while crawling.

Note: Click on the “+” icon to add a new field.


  • Copy or download the results

You will get two options to get your results; one is to copy the robot txt, and secondly, you can download the robots.txt file.


  • Free of cost

Exclude the areas of your websites for free; you don’t need to pay for using this robots.txt creator. Get into our generator and start using it.


  • Easy to use

There are a couple of steps to follow, and your results will be there. We have displayed placeholder text in every field that is needed to be filled by the user.

Besides this tool, you can also generate the XML file using our Sitemap Generator.

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