A Guide about MOZ Content Strategy and How It helps in your rankings

Oct 08, 2021

A Guide about MOZ Content Strategy and How It helps in your rankings

Imagine the odds of finding a treasure without a treasure map. Wouldn’t it be a strenuous and debilitating task?

What if you get a map to embark upon your treasure hunt?

With a map, you may easily plan out your adventure without much mental fuss. Just as a map streamlines your treasure hunt, a content strategy organizes your business goals.


A strategy is a road map or a blueprint having a start and an endpoint. It is like starting anything with an end in mind.

If the content is the king then content strategy is the kingdom. Just as the king is nothing without a kingdom, content is nothing without a content strategy.

One word that can define the difference between successful and unsuccessful content creators is a well-curated content strategy.


What a content strategy really is?


According to Moz, a Seo tools enterprise:


“Content strategy is the ongoing process of developing a comprehensive plan to ideate, design, create, share, and promote content that aligns with your brand, speaks to your target audience, and is measured against specific goals.”


It is not as overwhelming as it seems, if you are a blogger or an online entrepreneur, you may know the use of Seo to leverage your sales and traffic on your website. The techniques you apply for this purpose lie inside content strategy.

It is a no-brainer for those who possess some experience in content marketing.


However, if you are a newbie in this line, and want to lunch your business online, you need to know how content marketing works and why you need a strategy for it.


Why it is important for your business?


There is a long list of benefits that you can accrue from a strategy for your business. Besides, research has shown that the businesses which had a content strategy sustained the pandemic and 31% remained successful.

A strategy can provide you a room to adjust your business according to ominous upheaval so that you remained aware of any testing times.

Your business needs a content marketing strategy because it gives the answers to all your what and how questions that you otherwise do not know.


You will be asking yourself or your team about:

What your audience is?

What type of content do they need?

How do you produce that content?

How do you promote your content?

How do you check your progress?


And lastly, how to make changes in your content regarding new trends. These answers will help you analyze your business marketing and its respective growth.

 In addition, those businesses which have a marketing strategy remain effective in marketing and justify their marketing budget.


How to rank higher with a content strategy?


Whether you are selling services or products online, the one thing you want is first page ranking on Google. With almost 3.6 billion searches, Google has become the largest search engine to date to get the maximum traffic.

No one will call you intelligent if you shy away from this greatest potential to get max leads and rank higher.

Therefore, small to multinational business owners truly understand the importance of coming in top results in Google.


For this purpose, they develop content strategies that help them plan out the whole process. I have mentioned a basic content marketing strategy for a newbie, however, experienced businesses also adopt most of these features to improve their ranking.

It is not a one-size-fits-all tool for your business rather it is developed with a hands-on approach and is very flexible.

To give an overview, I am laying out some generic components that may appear with different names but carry common essence.


Understand your business first:

This first step helps you start your business. Unless you become aware of your own company goals, you can’t develop a strategy for it.

  • Know what are you selling.
  • Understand the environment by knowing what others are doing.
  • Develop your business model that defines the ways to connect your audience.
  • Establish a brand for your company to narrow down your audience.
  • Align a team of experts in planning, researching, executing, and assessing your business tasks.
  • Set your goals and assign tasks to your team to plan and execute them out.


Collect data for your audience research:

Before creating content you must know your intended audience and collect market researches to generate a plan.

  • Create buyer’s personas to know the needs.

  • Match the pain points with the value you offer.
  • Know the mediums through which your customers approach you.


Create the best content:

  • Use storytelling techniques to attract people.
  • Brainstorm new ideas to cater to a single need with different perspectives.
  • Assign content tasks on daily basis.
  • Use a peculiar content format that stands out.
  • Calibrate content types such as blog posts, videos, emails, and social media.


Promote your content:

  • Through blogs, guest posts, youtube, and social media channels.
  • Make use of traditional media and promote your brand through TV shows to spread awareness.
  • Use video streaming websites to publish podcasts, as they are vital to developing exposure.
  • Hire influencers to talk about your product on Instagram or Twitter.


Keep check and balances:

Content creation and promotion cannot optimize your business unless you keep on checking your techniques.

  • Use a content management system to assign tasks to your team and get the work done in time.
  • Perform audits to know your strong and weak points.
  • Remain aware international market to get new information.
  • Make appropriate changes to your strategy to adjust innovative options.


Wrapping up:

A wonderful content strategy deals with all the operations assigned to different personnel working in a team. Their main goal is to reduce entropy and optimize your content marketing framework.

 The team not only performs daily tasks but also incorporates new changes when needed.

Apart from governing the policies and processing the marketing tasks, they define the goals and achieve them with a content strategy.

 Its main goal is to generate leads and earn more profits than the competitors by ranking the business higher on Google.

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